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the most important thing to us is


Zapling Studios is a New York based team who strives to create awesome games. We started as a group of friends who each brought their skills and enthusiasm to the table.

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Hello everyone!

We have been MIA lately so I want to give you all some updates!

The team has had a lot of personal struggles to overcome the past six months, so it definitely impacted our ability to do game development work. However, the sun is starting to shine down on us again, so we are ramping back up!

The next update to Justice Royale with our Heroine, new stages, abilities and modes has been delayed. We decided rather than updating an older game engine, we may as well port to Unity and bring everything up to date. We apologize for the delay, however development in Unity has been quite smooth! We are working on a demo of Justice Royale for Web Browsers. Right now it is buggy on Safari, and we don’t have gameplay in yet, just the menu elements, however you can play this build here!

In addition, we updated our TeeSpring Store with new T-Shirts and Cell Phone cases! As indie developers we are always in a bind for funds, so we appreciate any support you can offer! You visit the store here!

If you don’t care to order anything, but would like to donate to help our development/marketing costs, you can do so via this PayPal link! If you have any recommendations for gear that you want to see on the store please let us know! Thank you for your support as we continue to work hard and bring you awesome games!

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Download Justice Royale today on the App Store!

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Swipe and tap your way through out the city, battling reckless bicyclists, oblivious tourists, dangerous subway performers and much more.

The city is depending on you to bring justice and balance to these mean streets, can you answer the call?

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Visit us at a game expo near you!
We look forward to gaming with you!

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Check out our YouTube channel for new trailers, video blogs, game footage and more!

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